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(5) 8oz Face2theMAX  Ultimate Face Mask Cleanse (Oregon Blue Clay) US FREE SHIPPING

(5) 8oz Face2theMAX Ultimate Face Mask Cleanse (Oregon Blue Clay) US FREE SHIPPING

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Face2theMax is an Ultimate Cleanse Mask, a refined Blue clay mask with skin nourishing ingredients. Face2theMax is an ultra-absorbent, volcanic ash clay from Southern Oregon, and the latest pleasure in the quest for younger-looking skin coming to you straight from Mother Earth! Face2theMax is one of the best-kept secrets of the most elite health and beauty spas in the world.

When applied to the skin, this soothing clay firms and exfoliates, resulting in a revitalized and more youthful-looking complexion. It also has the unique ability to draw out toxins and impurities that are embedded deep within the skin’s pores. Face2theMax Cleanse Mask can be used on the face and neck to soften, tone and detoxify the skin and with our convenient, 8 oz  jar to mix application it is effortless! By making Face2theMax Cleanse Mask a part of your regular pampering sessions, you will keep your skin looking its very best—the more frequently you use it, the more dramatic the results! You only need 15 minutes, twice a week to achieve healthier, vibrant-looking skin. Isn’t it time that you felt fabulous again?

Mix two parts water with one part  Face2theMax Cleanse Mask to make a mud.  It should make a mud the consistency of mustard.  Keep the Blue Clay in the covered container and it should not dry out and will not separate. It stores  without refrigeration for an indefinite period. If it does dry out over prolonged storage, just add water and remix.