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Clay Detox Testimonials

I'm not a huge believer in holistic medicine however this product has changed my mind. I had a large infection on my upper thigh which was previously a MRSA Infection and I was on IV antibiotics for 7 days When I was discharged from the hospital, they prescribed two more oral antibiotics for 10 days.After the antibiotics were finished another infected spot just above the previous infection appeared. I was introduced to the clay and I applied it liberally on the entire space of the infection. It was cool and soothing on the skin and within 24 hours the redness and some of the black had began to disappear. I continued to apply it for 4 days and the largest part of the black skin was gone. I was a flight paramedic in the Navy with a Bachelors Degree in Science from UC Berkeley. My education and experience has taught me that results speak for themselves. It would behoove anyone with a skin infection, irritation or chronic skin issues to give the clay a chance. I think even the most skeptical person will be surprised! 



"I have always been very cautious about what I put on my skin and in my body. After having dealt with cancer on five occasions over the last 35 years, I wanted to go slow and use a little in my bath. After the third time, I began to see amazing changes in my skin. I decided to get a little bolder and paint on a thin layer on my elbows. Psoriasis had crept into my life. It seems it wasn't there one day and covering my elbow the next. The results were nothing short of amazing. Before applying Health Clay for a third time, I noticed all the redness had disappeared and the associated bumps had become nearly flat. My the third application my elbows were back to being smooth and without this nagging problem. Between adding it to my bath water and applying a thin layer to troubled areas on the skin, Healthy Skin is amazing. I should have known that anything that is 100% natural and comes directly from the Oregon Cascades would have a positive effect on my skin and life."

In gratitude,


Eugene, OR 



I was introduced to MineCeuticals, LLC Healthy Clay products by a friend of mine after she heard me complaining about fatigue and poor sleep caused by work and my life’s fast, demanding pace. She recommended trying Healthy Clay from  MineCeuticals™, LLC . I hesitated some at first when I learned that it was actually a clay that I would be consuming. My mind was thinking clay = dirt. But after learning more about this unique clay and its ability to bind to toxins, heavy metals and other impurities in the digestive tract and remove them, I began to take an interest. I ordered a two month supply, with the expectation that if I had not noticed results within this period, then I would look for something else at my local organic food store. After two weeks I was surprised by a marked increase in my energy levels and improved quality of sleep. I also noticed my attention and focus at work had improved. Without making any significant changes to my diet or fitness routine I was also surprised after the first two weeks to have lost four pounds. My workouts over the past two months have improved, due in no small part, I’m sure to the cleansing power of the K-rectorite clay. Judging by my first two month trial of Healthy Clay I am convinced of it’s positive effects. I am optimistic to see if the positive effects continue.

Chad Bogart MBA, CEO of Absolute Bookkeeping Services, LLC


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