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Natural Remedies For Auto-Immune Diseases

No one should have to live with Chronic Pain with no hope to at least lessen the pain to a manageable level.  A good diet along with low-impact exercise work together to keep pain at a minimum.  When you add Healthy Clay with its 72 minerals and trace minerals to your routine, you’ve added the right combination of ingredients in your fight against CHRONIC PAIN, AUTO-IMMUNNE CHALLENGES, TOXINS, AND THE BAD BACTERIA…..


          Are you Suffering from Auto-Immune Challenges?

What People Should Know About Auto-Immune Challenges.

There are a number of people who have probably never even heard of an Auto-Immune Challenges. The truth is, 23.5 million Americans alone suffer from this disease, and studies have shown that this number is only going to rise in the near future. To understand why this disease is so alarming, a person will need to understand what the disease is, how people can contract it, and what some of the cures may be if there are any. In the information that follows, you are going to discover more about this disease in relation to what it is, the association with inflammation, and why toxins play a huge role in triggering auto-immunity.

The auto-immunity or Auto-Immune disease is a process in which our own body's immune system will cause illness by strategically attacking healthy tissues, organs, and cells that are not suffering from any issues or defects whatsoever. The body's immune system makes a terrible mistake and destroys cells, tissues and organs because it somehow believes that these bodies are foreign.

It's important to realize that the auto-immune disease takes on a number of different names. Some of these include but are not limited to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Type I Diabetes, Cushing's Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Addison's Disease, and Active Chronic Hepatitis, Candida, AND Gout. Although these are only a few, 200 MORE AND GROWING, these are probably considered to be the most damaging in a variety of different respects.

Is There a Cure for Auto-Immune Challenges?

Although there aren't any specific remedies for any of these particular diseases, if you do a little research you'll discover that almost everything has been prescribed beginning with parasites that can help reduce the toxins and waste that becomes stored in the body, all the way to eating the proper foods that haven't been treated with the chemicals that have been blamed for bringing on this particular disease. Quite frankly, there are a number of things a person can do in order to avoid an auto-immune disease, but probably the most important will be through education.

The reason education is so important is because a person will never know how they can contract such a disease if they don't know how it's caused in the first place. Most science Professors, Doctors, and Nutritionists believe that this disease is contracted through our environment, and the foods we eat that have been tainted with a variety of different chemicals in order to make them last longer, taste better, and make us feel a certain way. By understanding more about how this particular disease is caused, this will help to prevent further cases of the auto-immune disease in the future.

When your body loses the ability to remove toxins through the bloodstream, these toxins begin to build up in the body. Once they build up to a certain point, they begin to occupy the same biological space that is reserved for vitamins and nutrients. Once this happens, the body becomes undernourished and poisoned.


  • Chronic Inflammation: – The Silent Killer

Medical science has discovered the cause of most diseases and disorders in the body is Chronic Inflammation.  This condition was undetected for years by health experts because of its low-key, silent nature.  When record numbers of deaths occurred due to the three major diseases, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer, medical experts found inflammation to be the common factor in nearly every case of chronic inflammation.

  • Dysbiosis:

Dysbiosis is the term used to describe an imbalance of the normal bacteria or flora in the bowel. For years, researchers have been studying the effects that dysbiosis has on the body.

When dysbiosis is present, it can manifest itself in many different ways. Symptoms of dysbiosis can range from minor discomfort to serious disease. The symptoms associated with this condition can include:

Psychological problems such as depression, irritability or attention deficient disorder.

Neurological problems such as brain fog, dizziness, headache and poor cognitive function.

Respiratory symptoms can include chronic sinusitis or asthma.

Cardiovascular symptoms may be present. Chronic Inflammation can produce

  • Candida: Overgrowth Releases Dangerous Toxins

Candida is a single-cell fungus, also known as yeast, whose natural habitats are the warm, moist areas of the body such as the intestinal, genital and mouth areas.  If it increases to a disproportional amount it causes the immune system to weaken and produces a breeding ground for bacteria.  Examples of Candida are thrush, vaginitis and diaper rash.

Why is Systemic Candida dangerous to your health?

Systemic Candida is fungus that has grown disproportionally throughout the body.  In the most severe cases, the fungi have entered into the bloodstream to affect every major organ in the body. An overgrowth of yeast leads to a condition called Dysbiosis, an imbalance in the intestinal system.  A balanced intestinal system is made up of good bacteria and the correct amount of yeast.  When the intestinal system is no longer able to rid the body of toxins, “bad” bacteria and metals, the body enters into dysbiosis which leads to life-threatening diseases.

  • Psoriasis – There’s Help

If you or a loved one deals with the itchiness, soreness and embarrassment of psoriasis, then you’re aware of the constant need to try anything to get rid of it.  Psoriasis is a skin disease that appears as patches of flaky skin that are red or brown in color with silver/white scales.  Psoriasis in toe nails or finger nails lose their shine and develop pits and ridges.

The condition often runs in families and is linked to a rapid growth of skin cells in a short period of time.  Normal skin cells form in at the bottom layer, mature and rise to the top layer, or the epidermis in approximately 28 days.  Psoriatic cells form in 8 days and cause scaly patches that spread.  These patches form on the legs, knees, arms, elbows, scalp, ears and back. Triggers of the disease include nervous tension, illness, stress, injury, surgery, cuts, poison ivy, sunburn, viral or bacterial infections, over indulgence of alcohol or drugs, the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, lithium, chloroquine and beta blockers, often prescribed for heart disease and high blood pressure.  Psoriasis may advance to psoriatic arthritis that is similar to rheumatoid arthritis and very difficult to treat.

  • Colitis – Help is Available

Colitis is a part of a group of gastrointestinal disorders called Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).  A more commonly known disease in this group isCrohn’s Disease.  Colitis is inflammation of the colon.

When hardened stools have developed, the colon must work harder to eliminate and the lining bulges out into small bumps called Diverticula.  These projections are usually formed in the lower left section of the large intestine known as the sigmoid or S-shaped colon, although projections can be found in any part of the colon. 

Colitis ranges from mild to severe.  Ulcerative Colitis is considered to be a severe form of colitis.  Diarrhea and bleeding are common symptoms that cause loss of essential nutrients.  Another severe form of Colitis is toxic mega colon characterized by the weakening of the colon walls where it balloons out and threatens to burst.  There is no known cure for any of the forms of Colitis.

Some believe that the overuse of antibiotics is the cause of Colitis.  Antibiotics can destroy the colon lining when it interacts with certain bacteria. When the colon lining is damaged, your body’s digestive enzymes begin to destroy it.

  • Obesity: Link to Bacteria Overgrowth

There is a negative and a positive link to Obesity and bacteria overgrowth.  The negative link is Obesity is a risk factor of chronic yeast infections.  The positive link is increase of flora; a "good" bacteria in the intestines can reduce body fat.

Obesity and Chronic Yeast Infection

In order to get a clear definition of Obesity, it is defined in the medical community as being more than 20% over your ideal weight.  For example, if your ideal weight is 130 pounds, if you reach 156 pounds you are considered obese.  Any weight you may reach between 130 and 156 makes you overweight.

Yeast, also called Candida, loves warm moist areas of the skin and rolls of fat are the ideal areas for yeast to live on the surface.  Some of their favorite places to live are under the breasts, in the arm pits and in the crotch area where moisture and warmth is common.  Women have vaginal yeast infections for the same reasons.

There are internal yeast infections as well that manifest in skin rashes and oral thrush.  Severe Candida overgrowth can enter the blood stream and be carried to every part of the body including vital organs.

Yeast infections affect the immune system and can render it nearly inactive.

  • Cancer> Linked to Bacteria/Viruses

When the question of whether bacteria and viruses could be linked to cancer, the medical community dismissed the possibility since cancer didn't respond as an infectious disease.  So bacteria and viruses were dismissed as a possible cause of cancer for many years.

Some scientists later discovered bacteria capable of assuming different shapes, but these were microbes that were secondarily developed from cancerous growths.  For decades, the medical community declared that bacteria and viruses were a cause of cancer.

  • Stomach Ulcers: were first thought to be caused by stress, improper diet or lifestyle. Just recently it was discovered that the Helicobacter Pylori is a cause of stomach ulcers that can lead to stomach cancer or lymphoma.  Doctors didn't accept bacteria as a cause for stomach ulcers because they didn't believe bacteria could live in the stomach's acidic environment.

The bacteria were eventually found with a special staining technique in the stomach lining.  We now know that Helicobacter Pylori are responsible for 90% of duodenal ulcers and 80% of the gastric ulcers that can lead to stomach cancer.

  • Chronic Fatigue:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is not a disease, but an array of symptoms that can be mistaken for other illnesses.  The symptoms of CFS often resemble symptoms of flu or viral infection, so it is often misdiagnosed.  Even routine medical exams won’t reveal anything wrong physically, so it is often diagnosed as hypochondria, depression, or psychosomatic illness.

Those who suffer from this illness will tell you that they are not just imaging the symptoms of aching muscles and joints, depression, anxiety, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, headaches, fever, intestinal problems, low blood pressure, sleep problems, mood swings, muscle spasms and the list goes on.  The most prevalent symptom is extreme fatigue.  When diagnostic tests are taken, problems with the immune system often show up as well.

Approximately 500,000 young adults age 25 to 50 years old are considered to be suffering with Chronic Fatigue.  An exact cause for this syndrome has not been found.

Some experts believe Chronic Fatigue originates with infection with the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) or cytomegalovirus (CMV), two viruses that causeMononucleosis, Retinal and Gastrointestinal infections.  This is believed because people test with a high level of EBV in their blood when diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue.  However, there are people who tested with high levels of EBV who don’t suffer with Chronic Fatigue.

People with Chronic Fatigue of are often found to have Fibromyalgia, a sensitivity to nerve endings.  Parasites are also common in people with CFS. There is no cure for Chronic Fatigue which makes it damaging to the immune system.  A damaged immune system can’t eliminate infection, viruses and parasites effectively.  A compromised immune system is called Dysbiosis and leads to chronic inflammation that in turn leads to diseases.


Quite often, pain is a result of Chronic Inflammation.  Inflammation is the first defense against injury and infection, but inflammation that never goes away is detrimental to the immune system as it constantly fights to rid the body of toxins and infections and eventually attacks the body’s tissues and cells.

Healthy Clay provides 72 needed minerals to the body to help maintain natural balance.  Minerals support vitamins and other nutrients to the body.  The level of each mineral in the body has an effect on other minerals, so if minerals in your body become out of balance, they start a chain reaction that leads to serious illness. 

MineCeuticals™, LLC is all new RARE FIND! First ANTI-MICROBIAL K-RECTORITE Clay-based dietary supplement acting as an effective cleanser of the intestinal tract to sweep bacteria, toxins and metals from the body as it passes safely and gently through the intestinal tract.

Two to four capsules taken daily with water, is as hard as it gets when using this product.  Healthy Clay goes to work to bring about mineral balance and you’ll feel the difference within a few days up to 2 weeks or more depending on your initial level of imbalance.

No one should have to live with Chronic Pain with no hope to at least lessen the pain to a manageable level.  A good diet along with low-impact exercise work together to keep pain at a minimum.  When you add Healthy Clay with its 72 minerals and trace minerals to your routine, you’ve added the right combination of ingredients in your fight against CHRONIC PAIN, AUTO-IMMUNNE CHALLENGES, TOXINS, AND THE BAD BACTERIA…..

 (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any specific disease.)