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About Our Healing Clay

Where do MineCeuticals™, LLC Healthy Clay come from?
Clay is a friend like the Earth is our Mother."

The Hidden Mine  MineCeuticals™,LLC Healthy Clay are made with a key base ingredient: a rare and powerful unique clay with incredible antibacterial characteristics. This special clay is mined from a unique K-rectorite mineral deposit—a special type of clay mineral renowned for its nutritional properties—formed over millions of years hidden deep within the remote Cascade Mountains of Southern Oregon.

Antibacterial blue clayThis unique mineral deposit contains a rare blue clay unlike any other in the word! This rare clay is naturally gold in color when found on the earth’s surface, but when deep under the surface it remains a brilliant blue color. This “blue clay” is the product of volcanic thermal activity and has been hidden under topsoil, protected from movement and any leaching of foreign materials into the clay since the beginning of time. Millions of years of protection have enriched this deposit with over 70 minerals and elements in a near-perfect biological balance (which is why it’s so friendly to the human body). Because its adsorptive properties have remained uncompromised by air or water-borne contaminants, this highly charged all-natural clay has a drawing power of several times its molecular weight!



All unique clays are specialized forms of crystal with the ability to convert one form of energy to another, in this case converting light to vibration and vibration to light. Researchers and scientists have yet to fully explain the direct method of action responsible for the chemical reactions (healing effects) that clay can induce through use with the human body. Providing people with all-natural and alternative options is why MineCeuticals™,LLC Healthy Clay makes this remarkable clay products from the mine in the Cascade Mountains. A healing substance though known primarily for its use in luxurious facial cosmetics in France, French sailors at one time would bring clay on the oversea journeys and add it to their drinking water supply to prevent dysentery. This practice was successful because clay’s adsorption tendency attracts a wide variety of bacteria in contaminated water, making it safe to drink once again. Military doctors during the Balkan War of 1912 used medicinal clay to reduce cholera deaths in the army from an astounding sixty percent down to three percent. Russian scientists still use clay for protecting their bodies from radiation and contamination when working with nuclear materials because clay works remarkably well for absorbing radiation. In fact, clay was the choice material used to dump into the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant after the nuclear meltdown. To this day, individual scientists and engineers take the precaution of coating their bodies and hands with hydrated clay “magma” before putting on their radiation suits.

This is the same clay that was tested in their published work and shown to have antibacterial properties. It has also shown the key ingredient in  MineCeuticals™, LLC Healthy Clay to absorb radiation just as well as other clays, though these teams of scientific investigators hypothesize that further testing will show it to be even more effective than others. Clay also has a wide variety of medical applications, being known to alleviate the symptoms of food allergies and food poisoning, eliminate viral infections, spastic colitis, mucus colitis, stomach flu, and any parasites. Clay is the preferred method for many alternative medicine practitioners for treating parasites because they’re unable to reproduce in the presence of medicinal clay. MineCeuticals™, LLC have shown themselves useful in fighting effectively against all of the above conditions and have shown in tests that they also attract and neutralize poisons in the intestinal tract. The science of healing MineCeuticals™, LLC Healthy Clay are made with a special K-rectorite clay of the Smectite clay group, incidentally the only of seven clay groups that both adsorbs and absorbs toxins and impurities.

Our K-rectorite clay has 4 pathways for cleansing the human body through minimization and the activation chemical stage where our dry clay becomes hydrated with water, activating a chemical process that renders the clay antibacterial. Utilizing this powerful medicinal ingredient, MineCeuticals™, LLC Healthy Clay, function as internal cleansers while also acting as a powerful source of nutrients for the body. Using a powerful negative ionic molecular charge, this compound attracts heavy metals and pathogens that inhabiting the human body that are known to cause aging and illness.

Healthy Clay is an amazingly simple and useful cleansing compound used internal or external. The seclusion of this clay found deep underground in the Cascade Mountains is what enables it to be such a powerful anti-bacterial substance. Because this rare clay is mined with a size 300 fine screen mesh, the milling process is substantially improved, making the clay more pure and increasing its surface area in order to maximize its ability to pull toxins from the human body.

Using this powerful key ingredient, MineCeuticals™, LLC Healthy Clay are one simple supplement with four vital functions! Discoveries.  In several rounds of testing, harmful bacterial strains of pseudomonas, staphylococcus, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), extended spectrum beta lactamases (E.S.B.L), salmonella, buruli ulcer, and E. coli were added to the minerals used in MineCeuticals™, LLC and cultured for 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hour observation period the bacterial count for all measured ZERO! Additionally, when MineCeuticals™, LLC key ingredient was mixed into a water-based solution and then having the solids centrifuged out, the remaining water had the same antibacterial qualities as the solid sample of the medicinal clay. Our company strives to duplicate this effect in its MineCeuticals™,LLC Healthy Clay Products, which testing shows to have worked!


Since being introduced to the clay mineral 6 years ago and hearing the powerful testimonials of what it has done for people; Shawna dedicated her savings and life to helping the world with this amazing product.  Ongoing research with MineCeuticals™, LLC Healthy Clay  have provided astonishing results, and fueled her passion for helping people even more! Take Healthy Clay's 2 week Challenge!!!!

Shawna Lynn Rothery 
CEO: MineCeuticals™, LLC