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Healthy Clay Composition

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Healthy Clay’s Composition


MineCeuticals™, LLC is a pure, all-natural, clay-based mineral with vital nutrients including silicon, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc. MineCeuticals™, LLC decreases persistent, long-term inflammation by simply clearing the body of harmful microbial toxins while decreasing systemic inflammation.  A good example of systemic inflammation is stiffness and pain in the joints as well as in muscle tissue over the entire body.


MineCeuticals™, LLC provides powerful health-promoting and purifying properties due to the rich clay-based mineral composition.  MineCeuticals™, LLC draws in and adheres to positively charged toxins, harmful bacteria and viruses in addition to heavy metal pollutants, inorganic pesticides and other common chemical pollutants.  These attracting and binding characteristics assist in the safe elimination of these contaminants from the entire body system.


MineCeuticals™, LLC is an all-natural compound which also consists of non-significant amounts of various other natural mineral deposits typically found in nature. Because of its clay-based structure, a large proportion of the entire content of MineCeuticals, LLC passes from the body through the elimination process.




MineCeuticals™, LLC Mineral Content




Amount in MineCeuticals™, LLC

(One 900 mg Capsule)


                      37 mg


                      11 mg

Sodium +

                        9 mg

Aluminum *

                     4.1 mg


                     2.4 mg


                      32 mg

Iron **

                     1.2 mg

Silicon + +

                     0.8 mg


                   0.13 mg

Barium ^

                   0.08 mg


                  0.024 mg

Cobalt ^ ^

                  0.011 mg


                  0.008 mg






Health Benefits of Essential Minerals Contained

in MineCeuticals™, LLC



Essential to bone, teeth & joints; nerve and muscle function; tissue repair; blood clotting; stamina



Important in proper nerve and muscle function; kidneys; pH balance; energy production; tissue repair



Effective in water regulation; pH balance; nerve and muscle function; stamina and endurance



Essential to bone, teeth and joints; tissue repair; energy production; nerve and muscle function



Important in bone, teeth and joint health; tissue repair; nerve and muscle function; enzyme activation



Effective in bone and joint; blood formation; immune function; stamina and endurance



Essential to bone, skin and joint; nerves; metabolism; enzyme activation



Important to bone, skin, hair and joint; enzyme activation; energy; immune system



Promotes bone, tooth, hair, skin and joint; enzyme activation; hormone regulation; detoxification


Essential Minerals present in MineCeuticals™, LLC: Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Copper, and Zinc


* Aluminum content in MineCeuticals™, LLC is less than typically present in the environment as well as many common foods, including baked goods and tap water. The Upper Limit per Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (1998) is

70 mg/day. The Upper Limit is the maximum dose likely to be safe in nearly all individuals.


* * The Recommended Daily Intake is 18 mg/day.


+ + Silicon is a source of dietary Silica. Silica is essential to healthy tissue and bone development and maintenance. At this time, there is no dosage recommended for dietary Silica, but research suggests that 20 – 200 mg/day is a good dosage on average.


ˆ ˆ Cobalt is a component of vitamin B12 that assists in forming red blood cells and metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Recommended dosage for Cobalt is 0.004 – 44 mcg/day. Recommended dosage for Vitamin B12 is 0.14 – 1000 mcg/day.   The maximum combined dosage of Cobalt and Vitamin B12 should not exceed 1000 mcg (1 mg) per day.


The unusual clay mineral structure of MineCeuticals™, LLC has powerful health- promoting and detoxifying properties. The charged and porous structure of MineCeuticals™, LLC attracts and binds positively charged toxins, harmful bacteria and viruses as well as heavy metals, pesticides and other chemical toxins to safely remove them from the body.


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