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We've Un-Masked the Scientic Behind your weekly Face Mask!

Posted by Shawna Cecilio on

No matter what your skin type, a weekly face mask is an essential part of your skincare regime. But don't just take our word for it; we've caught-up with cosmetic scientist, Heather Ansell, to reveal how incorporating a weekly face mask into your routine can reveal a bright, beautiful and glowing complexion.

What are the main benefits of incorporating a face mask into your weekly skincare regime?

"Incorporating a weekly face mask into your skincare regime allows for a much deeper cleanse than that achievable with a daily foaming or gel cleanser. Thanks to the formulation of ingredients, a face mask can reach deep down into pores, drawing impurities out and cleansing away stubborn dirt, to reveal really clear and fresh looking skin."

Is it possible to use a face mask too much?

"Women can often see the benefits of using a face mask and can be tempted to incorporate it into their regime too often. For an oiler complexion, a face mask may be suitable every few days. However, if you have dry skin, using a face mask more than once a week can remove too much of the naturally occurring moisturising sebum, leaving skin dry and dull looking."

How can those with sensitive skin benefit from a weekly face mask?

"People can often be nervous if their skin is sensitive to certain ingredients or new products. Our peel-off range is targeted towards those with sensitive skin who benefit from manual cleansing. The action of physically peeling away the mask to remove dead skin, dirt and excess oil, does all of the cleansing, which allows for the mask formulation to include gentler ingredients."

"For those with an oilier complexion, our mud range is targeted towards removing excess sebum and oil effectively with ultra-absorbent clay forming the base of the mask."

What skin care innovation trends are you most excited about for 2015?

"We've been working with 'sucrose esters' for the past few years and I expect to see this ingredient trending the next year or so. Sucrose esters from natural sugar essentially work to compliment oils, making them less greasy. This enables us to use highly moisturising ingredients that previously would have been too oily for many complexions. Thanks to sucrose, we can now harness the moisturising benefits of high levels of oil, without the grease, which can often lead to clogged pores."

"Another development we're really excited about is liquid crystals. Essentially, we have utilised this technology to create skin products from olive oil which work in harmony to compliment the natural skin sebum, leaving the skin soft smooth and deeply moisturised."

In your opinion, what should every woman include in her skincare regime?

"Every woman, no matter how busy she is, should include daily and weekly cleansing as part of her skincare regime. Daily cleansing removes dirt and pollution, which can lead to skin ageing, and a weekly deep cleansing face mask reaches deeper down into pores than nightly cleansers, helping to remove dead skin cells, unblock pores and excess oil to allow skin to breathe and revitalise itself."

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